Rey Azteca in Lake Wylie – Dining Review

As spring and warm weather approach, it is definitely time for a Rey Azteca Run!  Lake Wylie’s favorite Mexican restaurant is located at 4052 Charlotte Hwy in Lake Wylie – – backing up to Blucher Circle.  With a spacious deck for outdoor dining, there’s no better place to enjoy a frosty margarita and Mexican fare.

I visited Cancun a few weeks ago, and got to eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  (Pure heaven for me!)  Upon return, I figured I had to go through withdrawal slowly, so I called in an order for take out at Rey Azteca.  One of my favoirte meals in Cancun included a delicious fish soup, so I tried Rey Azteca’s shrimp soup.  Delicious, and enough for two meals!  Especially considering the ample portion of chips & salsa included in the take-out order.

When I’m in the mood for heartier fare, the Chile Poblano is fantastic, especially with a bit of fresh cilantro sprinkled on top.  The fajitas are great-eat-a’s, and the Pollo con Crema (chicken w/ cream sauce) is a mild and delicious entree.  The service is fast and fiesty – – lots of fun. 

If you’ve lived around Lake Wylie for any length of time, you’re sure to run into friends and neighbors at Rey Azteca.  And if you HAVEN’T been in Lake Wylie very long, it’s a great place to meet new friends!  Every day is a fiesta.

Thanks for reading my blog.  Visit Lake Wylie Information for more restaurant reviews, general lake resources, and Lake Wylie Events and Activities.


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